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Providing people with a positive experience centred around, but not limited to dental care. The product for both, our team and the people who trust us with their care will be a better quality of life.



We provide general and emergency dental care services, plus cosmetic dentistry for our patients in Stoney Creek and surrounding areas. We look forward to helping you maintain your healthy teeth at your next dental visit!

Our Dental Care Services

Our Stoney Creek dental office provides a wide array of oral care and dental care services so we can help our returning and new patients with their dental needs, whatever stage of life they are at. We aim to help your entire family! From oral health checkups for toddlers whose teeth are just erupting, to dental implants for a teen who has had a tooth knocked out from sport, or root canal treatments for any family member, we provide dental care services to help everyone smile.

Family Dentistry

From toddlers and children to adults and seniors, our team provides dental services in Stoney Creek, in a comfortable environment so each family member can achieve a healthy smile and maintain dental health.

Dental Implants

Our office is proud to offer long-lasting, natural-looking solutions to missing teeth, including dental implants. These are artificial teeth affixed to a titanium post that acts as an artificial tooth root. Dental implants are attached to your jawbone during a surgical procedure, and are the closest thing to natural teeth in function and maintaining a healthy jawbone.

TMJ Treatment

We diagnose and treat TMJ disorder at our Stoney Creek dental clinic, so patients can be relieved of regular headaches, a sore jaw, earaches, and difficulty chewing. These can all be relieved with the help of a custom and comfortable mouthguard.

Dental Crowns

We place dental crowns to help support and strengthen teeth that are weakened, cracked, or chipped, or as a cosmetic dentistry procedure for aesthetic reasons. At your dental visit, your tooth is prepared to fit the custom dental crown that looks and feels natural. Crowns are also used for attaching to dental implants.

Root Canal Treatment

Severe tooth decay, a cracked or damaged tooth, or infection along the gum line can lead to an infection of the pulp tissues in a tooth’s root canals. If you have a tooth that’s causing you pain, you may need to undergo a root canal in order to save the tooth, and preserve your smile and dental health. Relieving you of pain and saving your oral health is our top priority.


Full and partial dentures help many patients smile by providing a solution to missing teeth and preventing remaining teeth from shifting. The materials can vary; our dentists will discuss which material is best for you during your appointment at our dental office.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can become stained or discoloured from a variety of causes, including consuming deeply coloured foods and drinks like coffee or red wine, smoking, taking certain medications, and even aging. If you’re not happy with the colour of your smile, we are able to offer in-office or take home teeth whitening dental services. Please call us today for more information on whitening your teeth!

White Fillings

If you have a cavity, symptoms can include sensitivity, tooth pain, or a visible pit or dark spot on your tooth. Early treatment of a cavity helps prevent further damage from the decay and prevents pain from getting worse. Our dentists can remove the decay and restore your tooth with a white composite (white) filling that looks very natural.

Contact our dental clinic today to book your appointment.

Our dentists offer flexible schedules Monday through Thursday so you can receive the dental care services you need for your oral health, even when you have a busy schedule. We provide dental care services for the whole family. If you’re looking for a new dentist to help every family member achieve and maintain a healthy smile, you’ve come to the right place. We are happy to see both our loyal, repeat visitors and new patients.

Gateshead Dental Takes Your Oral Health Needs Seriously

We offer cosmetic treatments for those patients who wish to change the aesthetics of their smile. These include cosmetic dentistry procedures like dental crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, white fillings, and others. Our team of dentists make sure a patient is a good candidate for the procedure, and can help you make an informed decision that works best for you.

We can also use local anaesthetic during procedures, as needed, to minimize pain and discomfort that you may be experiencing. We use anaesthetic for dental surgery or other dental treatments that may result in discomfort, including for wisdom teeth removal, root canal therapy, inserting dental implants, and other treatments.

If you just require a checkup and general cleaning, you can book an appointment that works best with your busy schedule. Our full range of dental care services aims to help your entire family with its dental needs.



If you’re in need of an emergency appointment, give us a call right away. Our office staff will schedule you an appointment. We strive to ensure that you feel comfortable during all dental treatments and explain every step of the process so you are fully informed on the decisions that need to be made to further improve your dental health. If you’ve suffered trauma to your mouth, are experiencing pain, your gums are bleeding, or your tooth replacement has been knocked out, you should see our dental professionals as soon as possible.