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Restore Your Missing Teeth With Dentures

Dentures are an excellent solution for those who have lost teeth because of decay, trauma, or other reasons. They look like natural teeth, and allow you to eat and speak again more easily. Full and partial dentures are custom made to fit you, for comfort and function.

A partial denture will fill small gaps or even individual teeth, while a complete denture can replace all missing teeth. A partial denture is an excellent way of maintaining space, so your remaining teeth do not start to shift. Our dentists will work with you and make recommendations on the best options for new teeth for you. There are a few different materials that may be used to create the artificial teeth in your denture. Acrylic resin is common, but porcelain dentures are possible, for an even more natural appearance.

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Simple, Straightforward Treatment For Missing Teeth

Getting a denture to replace your missing teeth is a less invasive alternative to a dental implant, and especially less invasive than having multiple dental implants. The denture procedure is also relatively straightforward and fast, and there is no recovery time needed, as with an implant.

At our denture clinic, our dentist will start by taking impressions and measurements of your upper and lower jaw. These will be sent to a dental lab to create templates so that further measurements can be recorded.

Once your dentures are fabricated, you will need to return to our dental clinic for fittings, as your denture will need to be custom fitted through a series of adjustments. This will help create a proper fit so that you can get back to enjoying your favourite foods. The fitting process can take up to three to four weeks.

After the process, you’ll have artificial teeth that feel and look like natural teeth, making it easier to talk and eat. Call our denture clinic today to start the process!

Replace Missing Teeth With Natural-Looking Dentures

Many patients worry that they will not be comfortable wearing partial or full dentures. Not to worry! Wearing dentures can take some getting used to, so eating and speaking will feel slightly different. The discomfort usually lasts for only a few weeks until you become used to them. Soon, you will be smiling, eating, and talking as if your dentures were your real teeth!


Protect Your Oral Health With Proper Denture Care

Cleanliness is essential for ensuring your dentures look their best and remain comfortable in your mouth. After you first visit our denture clinic, our dentist will explain how you can best care for your new dentures.

Here is how you can take care of your dentures:

  • Wear them only during the day
  • Soak them overnight to keep them moist and help them retain their shape
  • Brush your dentures daily to remove food or other debris
  • Remove your dentures after eating and rinse them off
  • Brush your tongue, cheeks, and gums with a soft toothbrush to keep your soft tissues clean and healthy

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Dentures In Stoney Creek & Hamilton

The dental team at Gateshead Dental has been providing complete and partial dentures for patients in the Hamilton area for several years. With each person we treat, we prioritize their particular needs and budget. So, whether you need placement or repair, our team is here to help.

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